Friday, 30 December 2011

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FRESH- Cutting Edge Illustration, 1-3

Besides the compilation "Illustrators Unlimited - the Essence of Contemporary Illustration" from Gestalten Publishing, there has been another release on illustration in 2011, edited by Slanted Magazine: "Fresh - Cutting Edge Illustration".
Generally, books with words like "essence", "ultimate" or "cutting edge" in the title instantly evoke a strong scepticism in me. Also the in-your-face cover design of "Fresh", with some strangely unmotivated pixel-like patterns on the spine, made me almost not look inside.
But both books, "Illustrators Unlimited" and "Fresh" turned out to be pleasant surprises.
"Fresh" comes along as quite an ambitious project: it's a box with 3 books, dividing illustration into the categories Object, Public and Print.
One might argue that Public and Object are displaying works that should rather be shown in books on Street Art and Industrial Design, but for me, looking at the choices, the compilation presents a convincing concept and an interesting take on the term "illustration".
The artists featured in the book were selected through a Call for Entries in March. Interestingly, in the comment section of this Open Call unfolded a long discussion about whether or not illustrators should try to have their ideas and personal style displayed in compilations like "Fresh" while not getting paid for it.

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