Monday, 23 September 2013

-------Tony Orrico----

What American artist Tony Orrico does in his Penwald Drawing-Videos is really amazing. 
Here is his website.

thank you Eva for showing me!


yprh said...

It seems he is not the only one doing this. Have a look:

km said...

Thanks for the link!
There are obviously not a lot of artists, who are "the only one doing something"..
But I admire in Orrico's work less this one idea than how well all his works are executed and his almost scientific approach of working on the same subject for several years and trying out different things.

yprh said...

Yes, I love it! Of course.
I will make an Action painting and Action drawing activity at the school. I'll try my students emulate Orrico. It will be fun.
Btw, congrats for the blog. Is there anything better in the world than drawing?